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Nashville Predators: Let’s hold on using the “D” word right now

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  Started at Tue Nov 15 09:36:41 2011
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Nashville Predators: Let’s hold on using the “D” word right now  
  Reply #1 Posted at Tue Aug 29 00:26:16 2017
There are many positives with the Nashville <a href="http://www.rd-corp.com/phil-rizzuto-jersey-c-1_17.html">http://www.rd-corp.com/phil-rizzuto-jersey-c-1_17.html</a> Predators as they enter the 2017-18 season. But, let’s not use the “D” word yet.
In today’s NHL, the Nashville Predators are the talk of the league. After their first appearance in the Western Conference Final – and winning it – the team is one being discussed as a championship contender. Each of the last few seasons, the Predators have made progress. Better defense. Young elite scoring threats. All of that lead to the team’s first Stanley Cup appearance.
With all the talk, one word keeps coming up. Dynasty. The word means “a line of rulers,” and comes the the Greek meaning “power.” ESPN’s Josh Cooper wrote an article on why the Predators are the favorites to be the next dynasty.
Like you, I am a sports fan. Baseball, football, hockey, golf. Love to watch and play them. Teams? Chicago Cubs and Indianapolis Colts. Have been fans of those teams for a long, long time.
The Colts were “the” team of the 2000’s and early 2010’s. Peyton Manning. Marvin Harrison. Dwight Freeney. Jeff Saturday. Reggie Wayne. Bob Sanders. Dallas Clark. Robert Mathis. They were the team that was suppose to win multiple championships. Tom Brady got in the way.
The Colts won a single Super Bowl.
The Cubs finally won their World Series. And, they appear primed to win another in the next few years. Maybe this year, but maybe not.
Here is the thing: fans and sports-pundits all said these teams where the next “dynasty.” They both only won a single championship. At least so far.
The Predators: none. Of course, we know this. Chicago Blackhawks fans are notorious for reminding us how far apart we are from them in terms of titles. Predator fans just sweep them aside at this point and focus on what the team does have right now.
We have hope
No. The Predators did not win the Stanley <a href="http://www.texansprosale.com/sio-moore-jersey-c-1_18.html">http://www.texansprosale.com/sio-moore-jersey-c-1_18.html</a> Cup. However, they MADE the Stanley Cup. Even though the Pittsburgh Penguins rode away with the massive trophy in hand, Nashville and the Predators were the talk of the playoffs. The massive watch parties in the streets. The electric atmosphere. And the way the Predators played throughout the series. There is a lot to be proud of.
Now, the core of the team is set for many years. Yes, there are three 30-goal scoring players under contract for at least the next five years. Other key offensive players are under control for three years. Three-fourths of top defensive lines are together for three years as well.
And starting goalie Pekka Rinne is under contract for two more years.
All in all, the roster is filled with great talent with team-friendly deals. And room left to add if David Poile chooses.
So, there is a window of opportunity for the Predators. But, in order to use the “d” word, they Predators must win. And that win must include holding the Stanley Cup at the end. Then, and only then, the team will hold the power over the NHL.
While I want the Predators to win the Cup, and do it several times, to be a dynasty is difficult. To really think about it, the last TRUE dynasties in sports were the Boston Celtics or the UCLA Bruins, both winning double digit titles in 12 year periods.
The Penguins hold the rights to the <a href="http://www.dusenadup.com/trai-turner-jersey-c-1_10.html">Trai Turner Authentic Jersey</a> word dynasty right now. They have earned it. Can the Predators win the right to the term later? Absolutely. Until they win one, the term is not needed.

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Re: Nashville Predators: Let’s hold on using the “D” word right now  
  Reply #2 Posted at Mon Apr 16 05:07:59 2018
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