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Which players would appear on a Miami Dolphins’ Mount Rushmore?

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Kan, Kalesch and Steve: Mauritania  
  Started at Wed Sep 28 22:52:52 2011
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Which players would appear on a Miami Dolphins’ Mount Rushmore?  
  Reply #1 Posted at Fri Aug 4 01:15:05 2017
It’s large, it’s iconic and it’s carved into a mountain face. Nothing symbolizes the foundation and greatness of this country quite like <a href="http://www.billsonlineofficial.com/shop-by-players-corey-graham-jersey-c-1_13.html">http://www.billsonlineofficial.com/shop-by-players-corey-graham-jersey-c-1_13.html</a> the four faces that are etched into Mount Rushmore.
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln are undoubtedly four of the most influential and important figures in American history and we honor them in South Dakota with a massive granite sculpture.
Translating the same sort of influence these men had in the NFL, Bleacher Report asked the question, who would be on each NFL team’s Mount Rushmore? While there were many great names in Dolphins history four players stood out above the rest and will forever be immortalized in stone: Dan Marino, Don Shula, Bob Griese and Larry Csonka.
“A franchise like the Dolphins is so well-known <a href="http://www.billsshopofficial.com/shop-by-players-sammy-watkins-jersey-c-1_46.html">http://www.billsshopofficial.com/shop-by-players-sammy-watkins-jersey-c-1_46.html</a> for its glory days that it would be silly to commission a Mount Dolphinsmore that wasn't heavy on the undefeated 1972 squad,” Bleacher Report’s Brad Gagnon wrote.
Shula, Griese and Csonka were all a part of the legendary Dolphins’ teams in the early 1970s -- Shula the coach, Griese the quarterback and Csonka the running back. The 1972 team is arguably the most famous in NFL history posting the only undefeated record throughout an entire season. All three are in the Hall of fame. Csonka’s early departure from Miami in the mid-1970s unfortunately put an end to the dynasty.
Marino was also a no-brainer for this big bust. Despite not winning a title like the ‘70s trio, the Hall-of-Fame quarterback pretty much did everything else for the Dolphins. He is second all-time in the NFL with 61,361 career passing yards, second in <a href="http://www.cheapdolphinsonline.com/shop-by-players-neville-hewitt-jersey-c-1_46.html">Neville Hewitt Authentic Jersey</a> career touchdowns with 420 and second in passes completed at 4,967.
“For what it's worth, despite having a bad rep for playoff failures, he won eight postseason games and led the Dolphins to the Super Bowl in his second season,” Gagnon wrote.

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