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JoKyR and Jesster Press
Beer, bruises and bit***s
by Nicki Escudero
Entertainment Blogger
The Arizona Republic


I saw some more improv at Day Three of the Phoenix Improv Festival.

This time, I checked out the very funny duo of JoKyR and Jesster, from Utah. The guys had great chemistry and were adept at playing a wide variety of characters, including little kids, the pope and women. There were few lulls in their performance, and they kept the energy high throughout.

I also was able to watch Men in Shirts, who started out their set by asking the audience for something you'd never want to hear from your parents.

"You weren't wanted" was the suggestion, and what resulted was an angst-filled set that was surprisingly sort of sad at times, but it still managed to incorporate Superman and a dangerous bird. I do have to say, though, that I was very sad when a fake puppy died during the set. Even though it wasn't real, that scene was still really depressing.

Today is the Arizona showcase, with all Arizona troupes, including some of my faves, Light Rail Pirates and Mail Order Bride. Check it out when the action starts at 3 p.m. at The Viad Center!


JoKyR and Jesster is coached by Micki Jo Rogan. All pictures except Joe Rogan's head shot and where noted courtesy of Heather Franck. Joe's head shot courtesy of Marc Reynolds.
JoKyR and Jesster is a Highly Irregular Production, centered in Salt Lake City, Utah..