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Sat., June 28 @ 8PM
Providence Improv Festival
Perishable Theater
95 Empire St.
Providence, RI

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Wed., June 25 @ 6PM
Advanced Improv
Laughing Stock
Off Broadway Theatre
272 S. Main St.

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See Jesse Perform:
Fri., June 20 @ 7:30PM
Fri., June 20 @ 10PM
Laughing Stock
Off Broadway Theatre
272 S. Main St.


JoKyR and Jesster Press
2007 Phoenix Improv Festival Review
by Nicki Escudero, entertainment blogger for the Arizona Republic

2005 Gulf Coast Comedy Festival Class Review
by Fraser Sherman, staff writer for the Destin Log

Septemberprov 2003 Review
by Ryan Locante, co-editor of UtahImprov.com

Random Quotes:
"JoKyR and Jesster put on a freaky tight show with an almost frightening level of energy."
- Bill Binder
    Producer, Phoenix Improv Festival

"You guys are clearly awesome."
- Mauro Hantman
    Director, Providence Improv Festival

"The SFIF goal is to bring innovative and creative improv comedy to the Bay Area both locally and nationally, and JoKyR and Jesster fits our missive a hundred times over."
- Shaun Landry
    Producer, San Francisco Improv Festival

"I first saw JoKyR & Jesster at the Chicago Improv Festival and simply KNEW we had to have them for the dccomedyfest! They have just the energy and quirky sensibility that we were looking for."
- Blaire Postman
    Chairperson, dccomedyfest!

"JoKyR and Jesster have proven themselves a one of a kind duo in the improv world."
- Joe Starr
    Executive Producer, Courageous Mongoose Improv Festival

"You guys rock... Great shows and great conversations too."
- David Christopher
    Producer, Miami Improv Festival

"You guys are great and we really enjoyed your show. So much f'ing energy. You guys are like a hurricane of improv."
- Tom O'Donnell
    Co-Producer, Mod27
    (on our show at the Toronto Improv Festival (TIF3))

"Your set was really tight and I think it was one of the best I saw during the entire festival."
- Sammy Wegent
    Executive Producer, Gulf Coast Comedy Festival and Artistic Director, SPF 7
    (on our show at TIF3)

"The only two people I've met who could sit for 10 minutes talking about 'Masters of the Universe' action figures in the context of a scene and have me nearly falling out of my seat laughing. Plus, there's something slightly twisted about humor which comes out of Utah."
- Kate Kotler
    Board Member, San Francisco Improv Cooperative
    (on our shows at the 2005 San Francisco Improv Festival)

"The Festival hosted a number of troupes from around the country, but my favorites were JoKyR & Jesster and Fresh Meat."
- Bob Brindley
    Improviser, SPF7 and Stand Up Comedian
    (on our show at the 2005 Gulf Coast Comedy Festival)

"Insane, intelligent fun, as always."
- Louise Penberthy
    Director, NorthWest goga Theatre
    (on our show at TIF3)

"I really enjoyed watching your show when I made the tape. It's been very cool to see how you guys have grown and continue to get better and better over the years."
- Jonathan Pitts
   Executive Director/Festival Producer, Chicago Improv Festival
    (on our show at the Chicago Improv Festival (CIF 7))

"J&J was a high energy montage with reoccurring concepts and hard edits with some cool intro/extro monologues to bookend it into a nicely packaged show."
- Craig Rennak
    Improviser, The Tribe and Director, Liquid Ditty
    (on our show at CIF 7)

"Frenetic. Loud. Fast. It was great to see such energy on stage."
- Sammy Tamimi
    Founder/Executive Producer, The Geek
    (on our show at CIF 7)

"JoKyR & Jesster came with a ton of intense energy. Their scenes were patient and fresh."
- Ryan Locante
    Improviser, Dirty South Improv's Community Bike and Coach, DSI's Four String Samurai
    (on our show at CIF 7)

"J & J from SLC paired with those magical incredible boys from Storytellers, yes, that was probably the best show I saw."
- Jill Bernard
    Improviser/Creator, Drum Machine
    (on our show at CIF 7)

"I learned a lot from every group I watched. [From] JoKyR and Jesster, that you can be high energy and smart."
- Jeff Hawkins
    Improviser, Improv Olympic West's Happy Time Rainbow Bunny Squad
    (on our show at CIF 7)

"At the show, Apollo 12 invoked 'Comic Book' and JoKyR and Jesster did their infamous 'Shellac', both of which were awesome and energy filled."
- Chuck Charbeneau
    Improviser, Men in Shirts
    (on our show at the Phoenix Improv Festival (PIF 3))

"EVERYONE in the group thought you guys were great. We got just what we needed. My own thought is that we were stagnating and needed someone to say 'get off your ass and play'."
- Joe Holman
    Improviser, Laughs on the Rocks
    (on a workshop we taught for his troupe)

"This is a plug for JoKyR and Jesster of course, but their site has some great streaming video of two person forms. Sure, there are probably a bunch of sites that do, but JoKyR and Jesster rock hard."
- Ethan Kaye
    Improviser, DSI's Community Bike

"So good it is inspiring."
- Joe Degennaro
    Improviser, Quick Wits Clearfield

"I really enjoyed the longform on the tape. You guys work really well together... You guys are hardcore and it's great."
- Jose Gonzalez
    Co-Producer, Phoenix Improv Festival

"I was amazed at what they were able to do on stage. Jesse had some of the best characters I've ever seen him do and all of the scenes that he and Joe did were compelling and a joy to watch. A big tip of the hat to the work those two did... these guys have been working on their craft for a long time and it really shows."
- Bob Bedore
    Owner/Improviser, Quick Wits

"I just wanted to say that I am utterly amazed at these two individuals. They work so well together. It was like one was reading the other's mind! It really was an incredible experience."
- Kayla Lee
    Sound Technician, Off the Wall - Bountiful


JoKyR and Jesster is coached by Micki Jo Rogan. All pictures except Joe Rogan's head shot and where noted courtesy of Heather Franck. Joe's head shot courtesy of Marc Reynolds.
JoKyR and Jesster is a Highly Irregular Production, centered in Salt Lake City, Utah..