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UtahImprov.com is the love child of Jesse Parent and Ryan Locante. Recognizing the growing community of improvisers in Utah, Jesse and Ryan both wanted to create a neutral ground where improvisers and fans in Utah could come and discuss ideas, learn from each other, and create relationships.

The site is meant to be free. There are no advertisements and no one is paid anything. It is an experiment meant to give back to an art form they love and hopefully everything will work out in the end.

Jesse Parent Jesse Parent

Jesse was bit by the acting bug early in life, but tends to find it inconvenient, so he ignores it. In 1992, Jesse started college at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and was heavily involved in theater, joing the Masque and MW Repertory Theater groups as an actor (and even once a director), as well as being inducted into the national theater honor fraternity Alpha Psi Omega. In his first year at college, Jesse became involved in Chain Link Fence, which was WPI's improvisational acting troupe. Jesse was actively involved with the troupe until his graduation in 1996, occasionally helping out when they performed at reunions he happened to be at.

Jesse moved to Utah immediately after receiving his computer science degree, taking a long break from acting and improv to focus on work and family. In 2001, he took a class with the Skinny Lincoln's (now ComedySportz Salt Lake) Lincoln Hoppe because he missed improv and was reintroduced to the art form he loved. He then took workshops with Quick Wits' Bob Bedore and Knock Your Socks Off's (KYSOff's) Joseph Kyle Rogan and was asked to join KYSOff in November of 2001.

Jesse has taken workshops with Andy Eninger, Charna Halpern, Joe Bill, Mark Sutton, Todd Stashwick, Gary Austin, Ross White, Zach Ward, Matt Elwell, Peter Gwinn, Noah Gregoropoulos, Craig Cackowski, Dave Razowsky, Shaun Landry, Nick Johne, Asaf Ronen, Liz Allen, Jimmy Carrane, TJ Jagadowski and Mick Napier. Jesse has taught improv classes for KYSOff, Quick Wits Clearfield, ComedySportz Provo, TBA - In No Particular Order, and Off the Wall in Utah and Guerilla Improv in Massachusetts.

Jesse has performed with KYSOff regularly and has also performed with Quick Wits (Clearfield and Salt Lake City), Off the Wall (Ogden, Bountiful, and Salt Lake City), TBA - In No Particular Order, Mixed Company, ComedySportz Provo (in their long form show), and Laughing Stock. He has also played in local festivals such as Trolley Square Brawl (with the team Off the Cuff), The Quick Wits Clearfield Comedy Extravaganza (with the team The Junkmen), Septemberprov (with KYSOff, JoKyR and Jesster, and the team Landfill Martyr), and Decemberprov (with JoKyR and Jesster and Discrete Packaging). He has performed in the fifth annual Chicago Improv Festival with KYSOff and with JoKyR and Jesster at the seventh annual Chicago Improv Festival, third annual Phoenix Improv Festival, and third annual Toronto Improv Festival. Jesse also performed in the 5th Annual Del Close Marathon and Dirty South Improv's 2nd Annual 24:Live with 'The Saint', which included Ryan Locante, Ross White, and Austin Nava.

He currently travels around Utah and beyond performing as the second half of JoKyR and Jesster.

Jesse can be contacted at jessterATutahimprov.com

"You never know how you'll act in front of an audience until you get there and they aren't laughing."


Ryan Locante Ryan Locante

In May 2003, Ryan moved from Utah to Chicago, IL to pursue his improv passion. While in Utah, Ryan was a member of KYSOff. He started attending the Quick Wits/KYSOff workshops in June of 2001. He also helped organize the Original Trolley Brawl show in April 2003 as well as the Second Trolley Brawl in March 2004. Although he's only been doing organized improv for a short time now, his whole life path can be linked to improv. Aside from playing [CENSORED] games, that bear an uncanny resemblance to other improv games, and acting in two improvised "Nerf Massacre" movies while at Penn State, Ryan said the unthinkable after graduation, "Yes, and I'll move to Utah..."

Ryan enjoys doing scene work more than anything. In April 2002, Ryan performed in KYSOff's original long-form show, Guacamole Sunrise, at the fifth annual Chicago Improv Festival and also performed as part of The Foul Mohicans in the 2003 Chicago Improv Festival. At the 2003 Del Close Marathon in New York City, Ryan performed with the Long Form team 'The Saint' which included Austin Nava, Ross White, and fellow UtahImprov.com co-editor, Jesse Parent. At Septemberprov, a local long form festival in Utah, he performed with the groups Landfill Martyr and Lisary. He also traveled to Chapel Hill, NC and was part of the CORE cast at Dirty South Improv's 24 LIVE event, improvising (more or less) for 24 straight hours.

Ryan is an alumnus of ImprovOlympic, where he is on the house team Farenheighten 9-11. He is also on the indy teams Stewtopia (coached by Sarah Haskins), and Peddlington (coached by Dan Telfer).

Ryan has taken classes or workshops from the following people from Chicago and beyond: Bob Dassie, Peter Gwinn, Jason Chin, Susan Messing, Joe Bill, Mark Sutton, Mick Napier, Ross White, Paul Grondy, John Lutz, Joe Canale, Peter Grosz, TJ Jagadowski, Gary Austin, Tom Salinsky, Jim Zulevic, Patricia Musker, Liz Allen, Jimmy Carrane, and Charna Halpern.

Ryan can be contacted at rylocATutahimprov.com

"An improviser's ultimate goal is to be fun to play with."


A special shout out goes to Brad Eubanks, who created the UtahImprov.com logo.

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